10 May, 2018

Free yoga event at Meiji-jingu stadium?

Do you know that there is a free yoga event at Meiji Jingu Stadium? Usually, 1000 people come join this event in evening!  I even saw people wearing business suits! There is an English interpreter so you can get instructions in English so might be a great chance for you to try yoga 💪 There is photo shooting time after yoga and you might be able to make yoga friends 🙂 Bring your yoga mattress and feel free to join! 

Here is the schedule for this event:

5/16(Wed),5/24(Thu),6/02(Sat),7/15(Sun),7/26(Thu),8/03(Fri) ,8/29(Wed), and 9/18(Tue)

This event starts from 7:30pm and ends at 8:30pm

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More detail for this event

Organizer’s fb page