CLUB 360 (pt training, fitness classes and physio all in English)

Minato Ward Englishspeaker
B1, Cma3 Building, Motoazabu 3-1-35 Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours
Monday to Sunday:
6:30am to 9:30pm
Look for their website, please.
Facility Content





  1. Personal Training
  2. Personal Boxing
  3. Kickboxing
  4. Various Classes
  5. Physical Therapy
  6. Massage Therapy
  7. Nutrition Coaching


  1. Training Towel – ¥150
  2. Bath Towel – ¥200
  3. Towel Set – ¥300
  4. T-shirt – ¥350
  5. Shorts – ¥350
  6. Shoes – ¥500
  7. Clothes set (shirt, shorts, and shoes) – ¥1,000 

What’s great about this place?

What makes Club 360 so great are the highly knowledgeable staff and being a part of a community. Our qualified personal trainers, physical therapists, massage therapist, and nutrition coaches create tailored programs for each client that is safe, effective and fun. We are unlike commercial gyms and so we know each of our clients by name. When you sign up at Club 360 you aren’t just another customer, you become part of our family.

*You don’t need to cover up tattoos at this gym. Also, you can take photos& videos freely. 

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