Spa Otemachi (Gym with natural hot spring)

Chiyoda Ward Englishspeaker
Basement floor, Ōtemachi Financial City Gran Cube, Ōtemachi, 1-9-2, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo, (Take C2c exit of Otemachi station)
Business Hours
Closed day:
First, third and fifth Sunday, mid-August and end of year, beginning of year
Open days
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10am to 7pm
All the facilities (within 300 minutes):¥5,400
All the facilities (within 150 minutes):¥3,240
Running machines (within 120 min ): ¥1,620
Spas usage (hot spring, within 90 min):¥1,080
Facility Content


  1. Mist sauna (female only)
  2. Hot spring, you can’t wear a bathing suit
  3. Bedrock bath (female only, for an additional ¥540, ask staff)
  4. Training area (including the Smith machine, Bosu, and Stairmaster), If you have tattoo(s), please cover them up so that other people can’t see. You are not allowed to enter this gym if your tattoo(s) are exposed.
  5. Pool (20m),you are supposed to wear a swimming cap and goggles. Please bring your bathing suit if you want to use this facility
  1. Studio providing various classes (ask staff) 
  2. Face lift-up salon (only for women, additional fee)
  3. Lockers room
  4. Sauna (for males)

*Dumbbells from 1kg to 30kg, Smith machine up to 175kg. 


Bosu                                                  Signature Series Dual Adjustable Pulley       



*You can borrow a towel (¥320), shoes (¥540), workout outfits (¥320), or all of three for ¥860.

*You can’t enter this gym unless you’re over 16 years old. 

*Opening hours are different for drop-in visitors. This gym is open from 7am, however, they only accept drop-in visitors from 10am to 7pm. Read the business hours carefully.



Take C2c exit of Otemachi station