• Spa Otemachi (Gym with natural hot spring)

    Basement floor, Ōtemachi Financial City Gran Cube, Ōtemachi, 1-9-2, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo, (Take C2c exit of Otemachi station)
    Business Hours
    Closed day:
    First, third and fifth Sunday, mid-August and end of year, beginning of year
    Open days
    Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10am to 7pm
    All the facilities (within 300 minutes):¥5,400
    All the facilities (within 150 minutes):¥3,240
    Running machines (within 120 min ): ¥1,620
    Spas usage (hot spring, within 90 min):¥1,080
  • CARPE DIEM (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) -Aoyama- Selfie & tattoos ok

    1st floor, 4-26-16, Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
    Business Hours
    Monday to Sunday:9am to 9pm

    Closed day: Thursday
    Visitor pass : ¥3,000
    1 day: ¥5,000
    2 days: ¥7,000
    3 days: ¥7,000
    1 week: ¥10,000
    2 weeks: ¥15,000
    1 month: ¥25,000
    Private Lessons: Ask staff
    Kimono rental (with towel): ¥1,000
    Towel rental:¥100
  • Tokyo Metropolita Gymnasium (Public Gym)

    1-17-1, Sendagaya, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
    Business Hours
    Open days
    Weekdays: 9am to 11pm (come by 10pm)
    Saturday: 9am to 10pm (come by 9pm)
    Sunday and public holidays: 9am to 9pm (come by 8pm)

    Closed days
    Look for their website
    This place is going to close due to its reconstruction
    Training room and pool: ¥600 (150 mins)
    Training room, pool studio and other programs: ¥2,500 (one-day)
  • ASSICS CONNECTION TOKYO (Yoga, running and walking classes)

    Saki 1-23-8, Azumabashi, Sumida Ward, Tokyo
    Business Hours
    Open days
    Weekdays: 10am to 9pm
    Saturday, Sunday and public holiydays: 9am to 6pm
    (May to August: 9am to 7pm)
    No closed day
    Only running station (locker room and shower): ¥640
    Program (yoga studio and outside fitness program, locker room and cafe lounge): ¥3,240
    Run and walk program(only one program): ¥1,620 (one program, locker room and cafe lounge)
  • GOLD’S GYM – South Tokyo ANNEX (free weights specialized)-

    6th and 7th floors, Ōmori Ekimae (=In front of station) building, 2-4-1, Sanō, Ota-ward, Tokyo ”Omori Station"
    Business Hours
    Open days
    Monday to Friday: 7am to 11:30pm
    Saturday: 9am to 11:30pm
    Sunday and public holidays: 9am to 8pm

    Closed day
    Third Monday
    Drop-ticket: ¥3,000
    Two weeks pass:¥6000 (You can use this pass only once)
  • Tokyo Physio (physiotherapy service in English)

    104 Atrium Shirokane, 5-12-27, Shirokane, Minato Ward
    Business Hours
    Monday to Friday: 7am to 8pm
    Saturday: 8am to 6pm
    60 mins one to one physio: ¥12,000
    Sports massage and individual Pilates: ¥10,000 (¥80,000 for 10 sessions)
  • Cycle&Studio R Shibuya (selfie ok at open space not lockers room and studios)

    Shibuya Dai-ichi Kangin Kyodo Building 5F, 23-3, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya Ward
    Business Hours
    Open days
    Tuesday to Friday: 7am to 3pm, 5:30pm to 10:00pm
    Weekends, public holidays: 10am to 8pm
    Closed days: Every Mondays
  • Tahiti Dance Fitness Japan (tattoos & selfies ok )

    3rd floor, 2-19-2, Minamisenju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
    Business Hours
    Wednesdays: 7:30pm to 8:20pm
    Saturdays: 12pm to 12:50pm
    ¥2,500 for drop-in ticket (only accepting cash, tax not included)
    ¥1,500 including tax if you were a first time
  • Demi Renaissance (Maternity yoga and yoga) – Nakano –

    Tokyo, Nakano, Nakano, 2-30-5, Nakano Arban Building 3F
    Business Hours
    Lesson starts from 9:45am until 10:15
    Closed days
    Every thursday, New Year Holidays
    One time use: 3,000 Yen (tax included:3,240 yen plus registration fee ¥2,160)

    Personal Training
    30 minutes : 3,000 Yen / Time
    45 minutes : 4,500 Yen / Time
    60 minutes : 6,000 Yen / Time

    Pilates Reformation
    30 minutes : 4,000 Yen / Time
    60 minutes : 8,000 Yen / Time

    Kaatsu-Training (*muscle exercise with raised limb blood pressure)
    30 minutes : 4,500 Yen / Time
    45 minutes : 6,750 Yen / Time

    *Tax is not included in the amounts written above.
  • b-monster – Shinjuku –

    Oriental wave building, 3F, 5-17-13, shinjuku-ku, shinjuku, tokyo 160-0022
    Business Hours
    Open hours:7am to 11pm
    Closed days: 30th of Dec to 3rd of Jan
    Trial ticket : 3800 yen/only once
    One week ticket : 7000 yen (7 times max)