16 May, 2018

Try “the best one-hour work out” at Orangetheory in Azabujuban!

What is Orangetheory Fitness?

–  Orangetheory Fitness has over 920 studios in 17 countries. This is the second location in Japan which is 2 min walk from Azabujuban station.
Orangetheory Fitness is a one-of-a-kind, group personal training workout broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training that produce maximum calorie burn. Backed by science, the heart-rate-based, 5-zone interval training is designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. Fitness coaches lead each 60-minute session using a variety of equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, suspension training and free weights, getting heart rates in the target Orange Zone for the desired time to produce the Orange Effect. The result is more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn after the workout.

*This video is English. Subtitle is in Japanese


Q&A with a headquarter staff in Japan!  

  1. Who use your studio? Are there specific age ranges?

– Our members are around 30’s to 50’s and they come here to lose weight and get toned.

  1. How is it different from other studios?

– The program Orangetheory provides is effective because it’s a combination of aerobic exercise, weight training and functional training. You put wearable device on your wrist or arm and you can check your heart rate and calories burned on the big screen in front of the treadmills. By utilizing this system you can reach your ideal heart rate for the desired effect. Our coaches are certified and they are well-knowledged. We make every effort for you to reach your goal.

  1. What do you like about Orangetheory?

– I like Orangetheory because I can feel I’m connected to other studios around the world. For example, we have a running event that happens worldwide at the same time. You can check the events on our social networks. Also, it makes me happy when members from other countries visit our studio!

  1. Who do you recommend Orangetheory Fitness Azabujuban to?

– I recommend our program to someone who’s not used to exercise by themselves. But advanced people can also enjoy our studio since you can challenge yourself by increasing the intensity!

What I enjoyed:

Sometimes, I spend too much time talking to the gym staff and end up having no motivation to work out. I felt Orangetheory is effective because you can finish this program in one hour. I liked the feeling of “being pushed” which helped me reach my limit! Although it’s a group fitness, it’s rather like an inner battle with yourself. I recommend Orangetheory Fitness to someone who’s having difficulties working out at gym by themselves! 

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