20 May, 2018
Gym News

New cycling theme available at Cycle&Studio R Shibuya!!!

Cycle and studio R Shibuya is introducing a new screen theme on 22nd of March! You can experience this theme in a class called “THE TRIP”. This Brand new theme will take you to a journey into the future! Come to our studio and CHECK IT OUT!!!  



Schedule for this class this month:

Tuesday: 11:50am to 12:55pm and 9:40pm to 10:20pm

Wednesday: 10:40am to 11:20am, 1pm to 1:40pm and 7:10pm to 7:50pm

Thursday: 12pm to 12:40pm, 6:10pm to 6:50pm and 8:30pm to 9:20pm

Friday: 12:45pm to 1:25pm, 8pm to 8:40pm and 9:10pm to 10:05pm

Saturday: 10:30am to 11:10am, 1pm to 1:40pm, 3:10pm to 4:15pm

Sunday: 11:50am to 12:55pm. 4pm tp 4:40 and 6:20pm to 7pm


– Haruka’s report –

I was invited to a VR (virtual reality) cycling class. Exercise outfits, shoes, towels and even water bottle are included in ¥3,000! Once you are ready, you take the seat you reserved and enjoy the 40 minute long class! There is a huge screen in front you which has 8 different selectable themes from which you can experience things like cycling in space or on a mountain!

The instructor will set the intensity, therefore you might feel it to be difficult at first, but gradually you will start keeping up with the energy that the instructor and other participants put out! I even felt like I was clubbing while exercising because of how good the sound system was at this studio.

*Tatoos should be less than 12cm × 12cm (about CD disk) and it needs to be covered up.

*There is a possibility that you may feel dizzy during this class if you don’t like roller-coasters or easily get a car-sick.

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