20 May, 2018
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Tattoo ok places and allowed tattoos size

Tattoos ok places 

  1. Carpe diem  (No need to cover up, any size ok, selfies ok ) 
  2. Tahiti Dance Fitness Japan (No need to cover up, any size ok)
  3. Club 360 (no need to cover up, fitness classes& pt session)
  4. Haleo Omotesando (pt session/ kick boxing and bonsai jui-jitsu)
  5. Haleo Daikanyama (crossfit) 

Tattoos rules:

  1. Gold’s gym – under 15cm x 15 cm is ok (Supposed to cover up)
  2. Cycle& Studio R Shibuya – under 12cm x 12cm is ok (Supposed to cover up)

Article for “Why Japan has strict tattoo rules?”

*There was case before someone went into gym with tattoos covered up and other members found out tattoos at locker room.  And he was kicked out from gym. So please be careful with tattoos. 

It doesn’t mean you covered it up so it’s ok.