5 May, 2018

What I’ve been working on

Hello there! You might felt like Gym In Japan’s article page wasn’t active recently. This is because I realised that my users want gym info rather than Gym Kanji and stuff. Right now, this website has access mainly from within Japan that means residences. Therefore, what I thought I needed to do is to collect membership gyms’ info. Collecting isn’t enough. Because a lot of gyms’ websites, rules, membership contract paper are in Japanese. So my job is to make them into English and make gyms friendly places for both Japanese and non-Japanese people. 

This is not an easy process because a lot of gyms focus on Japanese customers. Also, I realised that non-Japanese customers aren’t getting the same service as Japanese customers and I saw this as a problem. Therefore, my job is not only to make documents in English but also increase service level. So please wait for it and I will get back to you soon.