19 May, 2018
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Looking for supplements shop in Tokyo?



HALEO is a Japanese brand and you can only buy their products at three locations in Japan including this place! This place sells all sort of supplements. The white packages are specialized in one nutrition composition. For instance, Creatine and Alginine. On the other hand, blue packages are specialized in combination of various nutritions. 

If you were a traveler, I recommend you to buy a packaged protein drink and power type BCAA!! You can also buy protein powder from 1kg to 5 kgs. Might be a nice opportunity to try crossfit class as well! 


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Supplement info:

BLUE DRAGO (packaged protein shake):¥276


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Certificate for this product

CORE 3 XTREME (C3X) HYPE (BCAA):¥320(stick, 6g) ¥9,500(500g) ¥15,200(1,000g)

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VIVO:¥7,600 (vitamine supplement for vegetarian)

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