16 May, 2018
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Need a medical help in Japan? Here is a solution for you!

★For those in need of medical help in your language in Japan/when you visit here. Here is the medical apps service for you!★ 

UrDoc is a telemedicine that connects doctors with people traveling world especially when they have health issues in a foreign soil. iOS & Android apps will be launched this spring. You should definitely use this apps when you need medical help because you can talk to doctors in your language online and also get advice! This is the only service in Japan which can consult with your medical conditions in English, Malay and Japanese. 

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What you need to do

  1. Register first 
  2. Pay as you go by credit card
  3. You can consult with doctors online about medicines and your symptom 24/7

👉You can register as a user from this link

👉If you are a doctor, you can register from here

The story of UrDoc Founder, Kazunari

“When I was a high school student in United States, I experienced severe anaphylactic shock after eating shellfish in a foreign country. I woke up and found myself lying down on bed in the ICU. Everybody surrounding me spoke English but one doctor was a Japanese-American. I was very relieved when the doctor said something in Japanese.
Having health issue in foreign country can suddenly turn a person’s “having-fun-mode” into tough situation for visitors while traveling overseas.
With UrDoc, you can see healthcare professional’s availability and book instantly online. UrDoc consults your health issues with text and video chat.
As a medical doctor, I have been helping patients for years in Tokyo where people from all over the world visit. I have found out that there is a limitation to solve health issue of many foreign visitors as one doctor. That is why I have made up my mind to invent UrDoc in order to help as many people as possible.
I am sure UrDoc will provide an entirely new medical option for foreign visitors when they need medical attention”.

-Aichi Medical University, School of Medicine
-Special Award of the Dean of the School of Medicine
-Ebina General Hospital
-St. Luke’s International Hospital, Tokyo,Japan
-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Affiliated Academic Society
-Board certified industrial doctor of Japan Medical Association
-Japan Society of Plastic and reconstructive Surgery
-Japanese Telemedicine and Telecare Association